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Faith – It does not make things easy; it makes them possible!
“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23)

Persecution Leads to Promotion

Dr. Reg Morais

As I’ve mentioned, your next promotion will always be determined by the magnitude of your persecution. If it is a small persecution, your promotion will likewise be small. But if your persecution is great, your promotion will likewise be great as well.

You might say, “I don’t want any persecution at all; I don’t want small, and I don’t want big … but I do want a promotion.”

Well’ I’m sorry to tell you this; but it’s not going to happen that way. That’s just not how God’s Kingdom works. I will repeat this because it’s important: your next promotion will be determined by the magnitude of the persecution you face.

Why We Cry

Dr. Reg Morais

The Holy Spirit will manifest in crying and weeping; and manifest in that way in your personal life too. He’s simply trying to say, “I understand all of your pain, your agony, your sorrow, and your loss.”

There’s something very special about the Holy Spirit. It is not His agenda or His objective that is going to cause you to cry for the sake of crying. You will cry simply because of the magnitude of what He has done and will do in your life. Jesus says something very important about the Holy Spirit in the book of John “I am going to send a counsellor, and a helper; one who’s going to console you.”

If you look at helper, counsellor, and consoler – if you see all those three words, they attach to your heart, they attach to your spirit – and you will see that the Holy Spirit is concerned with all these areas.

What is the Anointing

Dr. Reg Morais

The topic of the Holy Spirit’s anointing is one that has been heavy upon my heart. There has been, over the years, much confusion about the subject. In this short study, I want to explore what the anointing of the Holy Spirit really means.

Opening The Door Through Ink

Dr. Reg Morais

In a time where getting a tattoo is as common as cleaning your teeth, Dr Reg Morais delves into this controversial area and asks the question “Should we be getting tattoos?”

Not only does he answer this question with thoroughly researched answers from the bible and secular publications, he also brings a fresh revelation about what Christ’s death on the cross really means for us.
You will be left with no doubts as to what God’s stance is on getting tattoos and be uplifted and encouraged by the power of His love for each and every one of us who truly have been made in His image.

Seers Heart

Dr. Reg Morais

Learn how to open up your heart to God’s teachings with the help of this book.

Manasseh: Causing to forget

Dr. Reg Morais

Is your past holding you back? Perhaps you are not even fully aware that this could be happening. Learning to let go of our past is a vital key to receiving the promises of God in our present and future. Dr Reg Morais journeys us through the lives of men and women in the Bible who learned how to let go and move forward.

If you apply these practical steps in your life, you too will be set free and enjoy all God has for you!

Prophecy Overthrown

Dr. Reg Morais

Learn about the battle between good and evil and how the hassle of today’s life has strayed the society from the word of God

Legalism Equals Bondage Equals Withcraft 

Dr. Reg Morais

Find out how faith can set you free from all the perils of life with the help of this book

The Effect of Soul Ties On Our Lives

Dr. Reg Morais

Find out how faith can help bring you close to your loved ones

Why Go To Church? 

Dr. Reg Morais

Find out how Church can help you live better, happier and healthier

How To Handle Disappointments

Dr. Reg Morais

We have all experienced disappointment in our lives.
This includes disappointment in God. Some of us are able to ride the waves of disappointment that occur in our lives, others find it completely debilitating. Is there really a way that we can not only survive disappointment but thrive through it?

Using the Word of God we find tremendous encouragement that God is with us even in the valleys of despair that broken promises and expectations can bring.

If you are feeling disappointed, this book will help you move past your disappointment into a place of hope, peace and expectancy once again in God.

Spirit to Spirit Transfer

Dr. Reg Morais

The aim of this book is to bring a greater understanding of a spirit to spirit transfer from one person to another.

Transference of spirits is something that takes place in the unseen realm, and happens more often and in more ways than we realize.

We can protect ourselves from the transference of evil spirit if we have a clear understanding.

Warfaring In The Spirit The Unseen World 

Dr. Reg Morais

Learn how to see the unseen, to connect with deep within your soul to find happiness

More Than A Match

Dr. Reg Morais

Jesus’ mandate was clear for believers “In My name they will cast out demons” (Mark 16:17). This mandate however, has been lost by the modern church.

Many people, Christians included, walk around being robbed and oppressed by the enemy who came to kill, steal and destroy. He has not slowed down today.

In this book you will learn how to become involved with deliverance ministry, for both yourself and others. What to do, and particularly what not to do in this ministry.

Jesus came to set the captives free, something the church today needs to once again take a hold of.


A Personal Prophecy Manual

Dr. Reg Morais

Personal prophecy is a topic very dear to my heart. One of my main desires when praying for people is that God will speak personal prophecy into their life.

This can be a very powerful gift from God, but it can also raise many questions when what has been spoken does not come to pass in the way or timing the person is expecting. As a result of these questions many misconceptions about personal prophecy have arisen. Some ministers have even been accused of being false prophets.

In this booklet I hope to answer the questions and dispel the myths and misconceptions so that people can be truly blessed by God through this empowering form of ministry.

Get Ready For War

Dr. Reg Morais


Understanding the Seasons of Life

Dr. Reg Morais


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