Fast & Pray




The author is a pastor of a growing church in Perth, Western Australia. At his church he holds services five days of the week. People come from all over the metropolitan area to receive prayer for breakthroughs in stubborn areas where they have are battling with seemingly unanswered prayers. Breakthroughs, healings, deliverance and salvations are witnessed at all these meetings. With transparency, Reg imparts to the reader the “secret” of his 26 year old ministry’s success. His passion and insightful revelations, together with his experiences and testimonies of people just like you, will inspire you to embrace a life of fasting and prayer for yourself.

In this book you will learn from the life of Jesus how wisdom came to Him through a life of regular separation and denying of His natural desires through prayer and fasting. This worked for Jesus and will certainly work for you too, just like it’s working for Reg Morais.